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For Over 125 Years

The National Christ Child Society has been continually serving children in need for more than 125 years.  Organized by chapters throughout the United States, our 6,000 plus members reach out to teach, motivate, and care for young children in need and to mentor young parents.  Although our guiding mission is the same, the programs run by each chapter are unique and changing as they are created to best respond to the specific needs within each community where a chapter is located.


Founded by Mary Virginia Merrick

National Christ Child Society members, united by a common cause, have been serving children and families since our founding in 1887. Inspired by Mary Virginia Merrick’s motto, “Find a need and fill it,” our members serve as volunteers in their communities through local Chapters working with a National Board of Directors.


Founded in Tucson in 1971

The Christ Child Society Chapter of Tucson, Arizona was founded in 1971 and was chartered in 1974 and incorporated in 1972.  The Chapter was founded by Natalie Brown, a former National President.  She had been a member of the Omaha Chapter and they began spending their winters in Tucson.  Natalie gathered together a group of her golf and bridge friends, who were looking for a means to enrich their lives in other ways.  In 1971 thirteen ladies gathered together for the first meeting and the Tucson Chapter was born. 

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